Working To Build Better Government for Southwest Washington

We need elected officials in our county government and elected representatives in the state Legislature who are committed to getting the work of the people done, and not tied to the same old ideological extremes that are largely responsible for our current state of affairs.

Southwest Washington is at a crossroads in determining the economic future of our region.  Do we continue to allow our politics be dominated by small, ideologically driven, highly vocal and well funded elements of our community, or do we work to bring the conversation back to the center and build partnerships to create solutions to the issues that face our communities?

Economic Vitality PAC was formed to fill a need in our community for responsiveness and accountability from our elected leaders.  Other countywide business and economic development groups, like the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, the Columbia River Economic Development Council and Identity Clark County, serve important roles in influencing policy-making decisions at the city, county, state and federal levels, but due to their structure and governance, none of these organizations have taken an active role in the political arena. 

The Economic Vitality PAC was formed to promote the economic development agenda developed by these organizations by financially supporting moderate elected representatives in Southwest Washington.

Our Legislative Score Card measures how business-friendly candidates and policies are to Clark County.  Economic Vitality PAC will support candidates who score strongly on our Legislative Score Card and who are supportive of the economic development efforts in Southwest Washington.

For better government in clark countY, Washington

At the local, county and state levels.